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Includes 33 Steam Achievements. Publisher: Iceberg Interactive. Share Embed. Add to Cart. About This Game Like so many, Derek Hales is fed up and is dreaming about ditching the nine-to-five lifestyle. When he learns that his late uncle made him the sole heir of Carpe Diem Boats, a boating company on the tropical complex of the Jo Jo islands, he does not hesitate for a second.

A new life awaits! After a long voyage, he and his striking girlfriend Michelle Joyce finally arrive at their destination, enjoying the beautiful sunrise, with a Boating Company of their own. Compared to the dull office life, this new life looks much better. Finally but suddenly, life is good! Features: With an array of luxury vessels at your disposal, take on various missions across ultra-realistic tropical waters, in order to make your fortune. Experience vast, beautiful tropical locations, with more than 50 harbors and dozens of diverse places to explore. Become an adept skipper and progress across 6 different ship types.

Seek treasures in the deep, rescue people from drowning, avoid pirate attacks and become rich and famous! Use your earnings to build your commercial empire, buy and sell properties in this tropical paradise, progress from sun beds, beach houses and bungalows, to restaurants, villas and even hotels. Play against 9 other NPC Skippers who compete for business against you, become the best skipper, earn more money and become the ultimate tycoon of the JoJo Islands! See all. View all. Click here to see them. Customer reviews.

The Good Life at 40: Britain's finest sitcom?

Overall Reviews:. Recent Reviews:. Review Type. Date Range. To view reviews within a date range, please click and drag a selection on a graph above or click on a specific bar. Show graph. Off-topic Review Activity. When enabled, off-topic review activity will be filtered out. This defaults to your Review Score Setting. Read more about it in the blog post. Shear sheep, deliver milk, make jam and hay, do some gardening, or work as a bartender, a casino dealer, a miner, or even mine for cryptocurrency if you want to!

Enjoy some part-time jobs that are really 'out there' and give your country life a little mature flavor! You can use the money you earn to pay off your debt and buy new camera equipment, but sometimes, it's good just to blow it on something fun! Go out for a drink, buy an expensive brand item, enjoy some afternoon tea, start an antique furniture collection Don't forget to reward yourself for working hard! This is an open-world game centered around a rural English town. Naturally, the time and seasons will run on their own in-game clock.

There will be special photos that you can only take in certain seasons which can be sold for lots of money, and we want traditional English events to appear in their proper seasons. Of course, classic events such as Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day, and Easter are also being considered! Aside from events, you can test your luck in other ways such as journeying into mines to discover valuable ore veins, fishing your heart out, or harvesting a field of crops. You can use money to give Naomi some style!

Try on different outfits and pick the look you like best. Some clothes might even boost Naomi's parameters This game contains various parameters. For example, life, stamina, hunger, sleepiness, inebriation, beauty care And for Naomi, a native to one of the world's most cutting edge cities, beauty care is super important!

As The Good Life turns 40, Russell Davies reflects on one of the greatest ever sitcoms

Make sure you don't forget to give yourself some special care every morning and every evening. Otherwise, you'll lose your feminine charm and end up as a filthy flytrap! Turn into a cat and climb up to high places, scratch walls, and steal fish and chips from kitchens Or turn into a dog and dig holes, follow scents, and swim in rivers and lakes It only happens once a month, so make sure you enjoy it to your heart's content!

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Use your telescope lens to snap shots of targets in areas you can reach as a cat, or get up close to them as a dog and try to acquire the perfect scoop for a scandal photograph. There are some mysteries that only animals can solve! When you turn into one, you'll be able to do new things and adventure into new places. We had made plans for Stretch Goals, though.

We put together two plans, one in case the campaign was incredibly successful very fast, and another plan in case the campaign got funded a few weeks in. We also knew there was a chance the campaign would only get funded at the last minute, which ended up the case. Anyhow, we want to address Stretch Goals in case we do get funded and you want to know what the extra funds will go towards. We had a long meeting today about this, and we kept coming back to the one thing that we have been asked the most throughout the campaign: bringing The Good Life to the Nintendo Switch.

Of course, we know this is a very high Stretch Goal, and considering the way the campaign is going, it is very much possible we are not going to reach it, so let me explain our reasoning. We could have set up more stretch goals, adding content to the game, and help them build up towards the Switch Stretch Goal. However, as each of this smaller goal comes with a cost, they would have set the Switch Stretch Goal even further, making it meaningless, and upsetting the numerous fans who have been asking for the Switch port. We could have set up those smaller game content stretch goals, and not mention the Switch Stretch Goal, but as I mentioned, this is by far the number one request I have received during the campaign, and not addressing it seems bad.

So, we decided to aim high - go for one single ambitious stretch goal, the most requested addition to the campaign. If we do get funded and we miss the Stretch Goal , we will use the extra funds towards additional content for the game and we will share what these are with you in a post campaign update. This way you know that whatever happens, you are building towards a better game. What happens to the Nintendo Switch version if we miss the Stretch Goal? We really, really want to make a Switch version. Any game developer these days is excited about this console.

I would love to see fans playing The Good Life on the go, on the train. However, I also want to make The Good Life, and for this, we need to be very careful with our budget, and have a clear focus. If we miss the Stretch Goal, I will work very hard to find an alternative way to get the Nintendo Switch version to happen, but we are not making it a promise to you.

And the moment we know we can make it, you will be the first to be informed. What about collecting funds after the campaign to go toward the Switch Stretch Goal? We discussed this, and as you will see in the next part of the update, we are planning for a way to collect some extra funds after the campaign. However, I know other Kickstarter campaigns have run late backers campaigns in a way where they have set those extra funds to complete more Stretch Goals.

I think this is admirable and brave, but for The Good Life, we want to be able to really focus on our initial game, and work really hard towards it as soon as possible.

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The idea of having Stretch Goals indefinitely opened after the end of the campaign is quite scary, it gives us a moving target, harder to hit. For this reason, we are only looking at the funds gathered during the campaign for the Stretch Goals. I believe it will lead to a better focus on our part, and a better game in the end for you all, and I hope you can support that decision and that philosophy. In order to keep costs as fair as possible and to avoid those costs to count towards our goals, we are planning to use a pledge manager like BackerKit to handle the shipping costs.

Shipping costs will reflect the actual cost to ship your pledge. They will be charged to you when the items are ready to be sent, after the game has launched. We are very happy to be able to confirm that we will use BackerKit to manage the pledges after the campaign. If you are not familiar with BackerKit, they are a company specialised in supporting the logistical side of crowdfunding campaigns.

It will allow us to more efficiently manage the surveys, and make sure we collect the right amount for the shipping costs if you have a physical reward that needs to be sent to you. Now, BackerKit also allows us to do a few extra things that are interesting. We can run a late backers campaign with them - we are still figuring things out about this and we might do one. But more importantly, we do know that we will allow our Kickstarter backers to purchase additional items from the campaign.

In order for you to be able to plan which tier is best to pledge for, we want to let you know now about items that we have confirmed will be accessible to our backers on BackerKit, and their prices. Please note that the listed prices just like the campaign rewards do not include the shipping costs:.

The Good Life ( TV series) - Wikipedia

If you have already backed The Good Life and put money beyond the reward tier that you have selected, please note that you will be able to use those extra funds towards these extra items. And if you already know you want one those items, of course, you can increase your pledge accordingly, just make sure you stay at the reward tier that you want. It's going to be filled with a lot of high quality items produced by Limited Run, a company known for its great work on countless physical editions so far! Here is a list of everything that will be a part of the set!

Below you can find a summary of all the rewards, along an estimate of their price in US Dollars. The campaign is in Japanese Yen, those prices below are purely a guideline for the price range. As currency exchange rates can vary, we recommend you check on a dedicated website to have an up-to-date price of the rewards.

The Good Life is my "dream game". I've been thinking about it for a very long time, and was finally blessed with a chance to develop it thanks to my powerful partners - and you, of course. I Love You All! I'm Futatsugi, from G-rounding. A long time ago, I used to believe that games had magic in them. A new game always brought me a brand new experience, and excitement as to what would happen next. Crazy things would happen, and it felt really like I had fallen under some sort of spell. But lately, the risks involved in creating new games have gotten more and more extreme, and it's becoming harder and harder to make magic games.

SWERY and I want to bring that magic back - but we need to borrow a little mana from you in order to summon it. We want to show the world a kind of magic it's never seen. I'm Hotta, the art director.

When I first heard about The Good Life , I was deeply drawn in by atmosphere a personal favorite style of mine and the direction its art style was heading in. I'm so excited to start working on it. After working hard on the art direction, we've finally arrived at the style that I always hoped we would eventually reach! I first met Swery in , I think.

We immediately hit it off, and always met up whenever I went to Japan and whenever he came to America. We quickly became good enough friends to have long, deep talks about the future together. When he released the amazing D4, we collaborated with him and performed the soundtrack live, but this time with The Good Life, we've received the chance to work with him on an even deeper level - actually creating the music itself.

Orchestral music, band rock, and excellent singing are all important elements of the VGO, so we intend to supply you all with some Sweryism music that only we can create. We'll be posting some demos later, so please check them out! U nity. White Owls has an idea for a fun game. G-rounding has the skill and the experience to create it. However, we don't possess the funds to push this project forward.

Since , the methods by which games are created have been changing rapidly. Through the proliferation of various game engines, virtually anyone can make their own game now as long as they set up the proper environment for it. Indie games have risen, multiple digital distribution platforms have become well-established, and new platforms such as VR have entered the fray. Due to these reasons and more, we game creators must adapt to many changes in order to survive.

This is especially true when it comes to gathering funds. The method to gather funds known as crowdfunding is now available to us. We no longer have to narrow in on our target and pitch an idea to a single investor in the hopes of possibly receiving a large amount of funds. Instead, it's becoming more and more common for game creators to pitch their ideas directly to their audience and gather funds that way. The truth is that even in this day and age, most Japanese game creators still gather funds using the traditional method. But this method will never allow a creator to truly own their work and let it be their identity while also knowing that it will be able to support them their future -- two things that Western creators adopting newer methods have managed to achieve.

In Japan, copyrights always belong to the investors, which includes not only the profits from those rights, but also the rights to create continuations using the same IPs.