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He even had architectural plans drawn and a large lot purchased on 32nd street in Yuma.

Tom and Kelley French talk 'Juniper,' the story of their daughter's premature birth

But duty to family came first. He gave his children the gift of music, theatre and travel. He played countless records nearly nonstop in the home, from a stereo system and speakers he built himself. His tastes spanned all genres. He and Mary took the kids across the country in campers, motorhomes and the family station wagon. Many happy times were spent in the company of relatives in Indiana, Ohio and Nebraska, and at national parks and Disneyland.

Tradition and ritual was very important to Tom. Every Saturday night he would grill on the barbecue, often inviting his parents to join in. When summer came, he loved to set up the family's above ground swimming pool to beat the Yuma heat, and light off fireworks on the 4th of July.

Riley Endowed Chair in Journalism, Professor of Practice

Christmas meant setting up the fireplace and having the biggest tree that would fit in the living room, surrounded with many gifts. Tom was creative with words and thought.

With the mind of an engineer, he was very particular and had a certain way of doing things. If you asked him to re-invent the wheel, he would certainly take delight in drawing up a schematic, but you can "damn well guarantee" his version would be pretty complicated!

Pulitzer Prize winner speaks about his life in journalism

He had faith in the power of progress to continually improve people's lives. Tom loved the desert. He and Mary moved to La Quinta, California in to be closer to their children and grandchildren. He took up some new hobbies. After accumulating stacks of electronic equipment over the years, he became an eBay regular and began selling his collection.

Alumnus reflects on personal writing style, storytelling craft

He was an expert at packing and shipping, having worked as a shipping clerk in college. His most beloved activity however, was to play music for the Memory Care patients at the "5 Star Club" in nearby Palm Desert. He took pride in his vast musical collection, helping light up the minds of patients from many different backgrounds. His sense of humor, openness and warmth made him many friends. He never prejudged anyone and was always ready to hear someone's story, as well as tell his own. He loved the staff at the 5 Star Club like family and desired to play music for them again.

In his last few years, Tom was weakened from several surgeries intended to prolong his life. His beloved wife Mary, who he never wanted to be without, took care of him until the very end. He had many spiritual moments he shared with family before he passed on, peacefully guided by those he loved and lost.

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French is the Pulitzer winner in Feature Writing and has worked at the St. Petersburg Fla. Times since he graduated from IU in Hamm, dean of the School of Journalism. French's work has set the standard for a generation of reporters, according to Washington Post reporter Anne Hull, whose work helped the Washington Post earn the Pulitzer Prize for public service. This conference is free and open to all IU graduate students.

The Archives of African American Music and Culture is hosting an exhibit highlighting the work of radio producer Jacquie Gales Webb and the history of black radio. The exhibit opens Feb. At a.

Tom French on robot reporting

The free event is a canned food drive for Hoosier Hills Food Bank , so bring a non-perishable food item and come stomp it out. Wednesday, Feb. Kern has worked in newspapers since graduating from IU with a journalism degree in Howard Lecturer.

Director, writer, and producer Jeremy Kagan will speak at 3 p. Thursday, Feb. The Hoosiers and Hawkeyes are locked in a tight race for the top spot in the Big Ten conference standings.