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Dustin is an Affiliate Artist with Portland Stage and is most regularly seen onstage. He is also fully aware that he may be disowned by his partner and son as soon as this childhood Halloween picture surfaces.

"The Willows" Algernon Blackwood classic horror audio book ― Chilling Tales for Dark Nights

Starts October 24, so get your tickets now! I'm sorry to report the passing of actor Al Braun, who starred in several of my short films, including "Peekers. He was truly gifted and great fun. I'm proud to have known him and to be able to share his work. Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? See more of Rick Hautala on Facebook. Log In. Forgot account? Not Now. Visitor Posts. Holly Newstein Hautala. See More.

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A sold More details to follow. For anyone who hasn't read all of Rick's books, they are available f Use this link: See More.

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Information about Page Insights Data. Rick Hautala shared a post. Kino im Kopf - Neuerscheinungen im Juni Schnell sein, lohnt sich! Cinema in mind - new release in June Be Quick, it's worth it! The Mountain King by Rick Tala is the third band in the series cemetery dance Germany from the [Buchheim Verlag] and is limited to copies.

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The novel is not available in the official bookstore. Buchheim Verlag is feeling excited. Yeah, I'm laughing at that thought too But first, I have to complete the work that I fell behind on this year. A playlist is set months in advance. Then these talented people practice by themselves, rehearse together a scant few times on Friday, and give a kick-ass performance on Saturday. A few months back, Tracie Orsi, a vivacious member of our community and my closest writing friend, passed away after a fast and furious battle with cancer.

The guys at Anthocon wanted to do something to honor her. After hearing JOhnny sing last year, I knew what an awesome voice he had. And when I asked him, he did not hesitate to say yes. But me? Want one? The first half is an intro about Tracie and the song. The actual singing begins around the halfway mark. One final note: In the days following the convention, my Facebook feed was filled with pictures and comments about the con.

I am lucky to be part of this community. About a week ago, legendary singer Ben E. King passed away. What I really love about these songs, though, is the lyrics. They are creative and, most notably, clean. I want to feel you from the inside. I know these songs are a couple of years old, but you get my point. And truth be told, I like them both. A lot. Each has something in it that works for me. You are here and so am I Maybe millions of people go by But they all disappear from view And I only have eyes for you.

Come on, come on baby, Just be my little woman, just be my lover I need me somebody, Somebody to treat me right I need your arms, loving arms to hold me tight and I need, I need your tender lips. To me, Luda, Trent, and Otis are basically talking about the same thing. Otis just chose a less direct route. A much less direct route. Some people may call these lyrics simple.

I like to think of them as subtle. And in their subtlety lies their strength. They hint at things intimate and erotic, dropping a suggestion here and there, making you wonder what exactly they meant. Maybe Otis simply wanted to hold her, to chastely kiss her on the lips. The imagination likes room to play. So the thought of a selfie makes me a little uncomfortable. Frankly, the word selfie makes me uncomfortable. Try to be more like Me. Thank you so much for another wonderful convention in Bristol, RI.

With about a dozen books, comic books, and magazines, this was definitely the most generous goodie bag I have ever received from a convention. Thank you, also, for offering another year of great panels. Beast vs. Even though I sometimes write horror stories, I am not well-versed in monsters. Read: they scare me and make me cry for my mommy. Their passion for monsters was palpable, their knowledge vast. And that excitement and knowledge made for an entertaining and informative panel, even for someone as wussy about monsters as me.

And as far as where they thought the state of monsters was going? Read my blog about it here. As with the monster panelists, they were informative and entertaining. And I learned a lot from them. So thanks for the extra nudge. Hanging out in the courtyard with these guys—and a host of other fantastic people—is one of the true pleasures of this convention.

He was warm and funny and clearly loved this convention. His absence this year was unmistakeable, but his spirit was everywhere, from the touching tributes to the endless laughter. Thank you for continuing this con, however difficult it may have been. I was invited by the awesome and talented Sean M. Davis to participate in this blog tour. He is a good writer and a pleasure to hang out with.

You can read his answers to the questions and learn more about him here. In addition to editing some short stories, I am working on my first novel. Although it started out as a book about werewolves and vampires, it has morphed into something altogether different. Read: no fangs. The novel would qualify as more urban fantasy than horror.

Mostly I think urban fantasy is a lot of fun. Do the humans know about the super powers? If so, what challenges arise? And if not, how do those otherworldly beings get away with using their magic? When an ordinary object or place changes without warning, right before your eyes.

1) What are you currently working on?

At this point in my career, I have more experience writing short stories than novels. But a novel seems to require more structure and organization than a short story. I was pleasantly surprised to learn I would be able to use my skills as a former math teacher in such a creative endeavor. Writing a novel is like piecing together a puzzle, and my math brain loves that. As such, I take many notes and use an outline. I love listening to what characters have to say to one another. Dialogue also helps me to develop voice and characterization.

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  • Later on, I go back and add the narrative and information about setting. You can read their answers in about a week. Tracie is the owner of the restaurant Ragin Cajun, as well as a great writer. We also met at Borderlands Boot Camp in and have been friends ever since. Check out more about her here.

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    And so is Chris. Learn more about Chris here. Marianne and I also met at Anthocon. Not only is Marianne a wonderful writer, she is super kind and a lot of fun.

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    Check her out here. And since I never really got off my East Coast time, I spent a lot of the weekend feeling like this:. But I guess this is fitting for World Horror…. This was my first World Horror, and it was fantastic.