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Probably just as stupid. Follow him on Twitter Art0Donnell. Email at: art wrestlecrap. Down With OPC says:.

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    Induction: TNA Reverse Battle Royal: Three Stages of Hell

    December 18, at pm. March 18, at am. The way to win this fall was to put your opponent on the stretcher and have it pass a line which was taped near the top of the ramp. Triple H was inches away from dragging the stretcher over the designated line when he was attacked by Legacy.

    Triple H took care of both members of Legacy by using his sledgehammer which he had hidden in the set. However, Orton used that piece of the set to hit Triple H. He then put him on the stretcher and moved it a few inches to go over the line to win the match.

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    7. However, his celebration was short-lived because Triple H hit him with the sledgehammer while he was celebrating. The Aftermath: This marked the final time these two men fought each other in a singles match on pay-per-view. John Cena found himself caught up in this feud which eventually led to a long feud between him and Orton. Cena got the worse of that collision and was put on a stretcher and almost wound up leaving the arena in an ambulance.


      Three Stages Of Hell

      Cena got off the stretcher right before the EMTs put him in it. Fall Three: The deciding fall was Ambulance Match. Upset over losing the prior fall, Ryback put Cena though the announcers table before bell rang to begin this stage of the match. However, Ryback's attitude was adjusted when John Cena put him through the roof of the ambulance with the Attitude Adjustment to get the win. The Aftermath: The feud between these men ended as Ryback went onto feud with Chris Jericho while Cena's next pay-per-view title defense was against Mark Henry.

      WWF - Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Triple H (3 Stages of Hell Match) - video dailymotion

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