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Zachry the goatherd is played by Tom Hanks , sporting facial tattoos and speaking in a futuristic pidgin. That poor fellow is played by Jim Sturgess. The muckraking journalist, Luisa Rey, is Halle Berry. And she is almost unrecognizable as Jocasta Ayrs, married to the temperamental maestro, played by Jim Broadbent.

You see what I mean about quantity. Simply enumerating the rest of the cast members and saying what they do would turn this review into a Domesday Book of postmodern film acting. And identifying the flavors of ham they import to the proceedings would require an advanced degree in charcuterie. There is, in any case, a lot of acting here. It is delivered by the bushel, by the truckload, by the schooner, and the quality varies. Broadbent is, as ever, delightful, and Ben Whishaw is perfect as the witty and passionate Frobisher.

Hugh Grant indulges in some sly, vulgar villainy, with impressive prosthetic teeth, and Susan Sarandon floats through a few scenes trailing mists of love and weary wisdom. Sonmi awakens from a life of grim deprivation — a condition of slavery that is horrible to contemplate and horrifyingly easy to imagine — into an awareness of the possibility of freedom. Alliances form between victims and sympathetic members of the race or caste in power, and even when their efforts are doomed, they manage to keep some hope alive for the future.

Tykwer and the Wachowskis emphasize the spiritual rather than the political dimensions of Mr.

Perhaps too much so. Its reach is admirable, but its grasp is, if anything, too secure. The movie insists — repeatedly and didactically — that a thread of creative, sustaining possibility winds its way through all human history, glimmering even in its darkest hours. A beautiful notion, and possibly true. But unfortunately not quite true-true. It has nudity, violence and sexuality, past, present and future. She is Sonmi, not Sonmi Tell us what you think.

Please upgrade your browser. See next articles. Bending Time, Bending Minds. Roles of a Lifetime: Halle Berry. News World U. Politics N. Ian Van Temperley as Enforcer. Amanda Walker as Veronica. Ralph Riach as Ernie. Andrew Havill as Mr. Tanja De Wendt as Mrs. Shaun Lawton as Secretary. Gary McCormack as Crane Operator. Katy Karrenbauer as Axwoman. David Mitchell as Union Spy. Marco Albrecht as Scan Enforcer. Cody Lee as Zachry Relative. Jojo Schoning as Papa Song Punk. Laura Vietzen as Young Ursula. Marie Ronnenbeck as Ursula's Daughter.

Ruby Kastner as Young Girl. Emma Werz as Ursula's Granddaughter. Mya-Lecia Naylor as Miro.

Korbyn Hanan as Adam Grandson. Moritz Berg as Porter. Gigi Lee as Zachry Relative. Genevien Lee as Zachry Relative. Victor Esteban Sole as Mr. Kristoffer Fuss as Lead Enforcer. Feb 6, Full Review…. Jun 14, Full Review…. Jul 1, Rating: 7. Jun 8, Rating: 2. Feb 25, Full Review….

Jan 25, Full Review…. Jan 9, Full Review…. View All Critic Reviews Feb 18, Endless uncomprehendible twaddle. Feb 06, I wasn't a big fan of this film. The Wachowskis definitely worked hard but I sadly wasn't very fond of this film. Lot of things don't make sense and a very unusual film. Though it does have some cool sequences, nice visuals and some good performances but overall I felt this movie was a mess.

Mr N Super Reviewer. May 22, While Cloud Atlas was not boring at all, its pretentious themes annoyed me greatly.

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Each story felt incomplete by the narration. However I did enjoy the ensemble of each actor appeared in different roles in the different tales. Tom Hanks was simply amazing.


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Ambitious yet the visual effects failed to catch my attention. Cloud Atlas deserves one viewing and can be completely discarded after. Sylvester K Super Reviewer. Jan 17, On reconnait bien l'univers des Wachowski. Cependant c'est un gros 3h See all Audience reviews. Timothy Cavendish: It's people. Soylent Green is people.

Sonmi Our lives are not our own. And by each crime and every kindness, we birth our future. Haskell Moore: No matter what you do it will never amount to anything more than a single drop in a limitless ocean. Adam Ewing: What is an ocean but a multitude of drops? Sonmi If I had remained invisible, the truth would stay hidden.

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