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That might might a metaphor for life. I don't know. I've never been called a literate man. Doctors stop seeing patients. They only see symptoms and remedies. Mashers stop seeing girls; they only see ankles and legs and tits and arses. Thief catchers see clues, hints, causes to be linked like puzzle pieces into a great, rational, and hopefully honest story. The clear winner was my face with its broken nose and twin black eyes. Second prize went to my skull, which throbbed with equal parts hangover and concussion. Honorable mentions were taken by my sore back and dried out tongue.

Conan Doyle, to a side of Charles Darwin that you have never seen before. Darwin offers a lot of observations including: "Survivability takes in all factors and focuses on results. The better man is the man who can survive the longest. I told you a moment ago that there is no such thing as luck. It would be more accurate to say there is no such thing as chaos. Ours is an orderly universe. Every event, every action and reaction is predictable. See if you still believe it when this great yarn reaches its conclusion. Oct 16, Fel rated it it was amazing. Disclaimer: I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

James Saxon, a strange man of science. Jolly soon finds out that Saxon has been spending a great deal of time in the creation of an entire troupe of life-sized, ballerina, robots. These robots are progr Disclaimer: I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

These robots are programmed to respond to the music of Swan Lake, executing each step in beautiful perfection for the eyes of Dr. Saxon only. But, one of the robots has gone missing, the star, Dr. To my surprise, he was right, finding the Swan Princess robot was only the beginning of his story, from there, we follow Jolly as he tries to prove his innocence in a murder committed by the supposedly harmless robot.

However, Nathan does a delightful job of pulling us into his own version of the late 19th century London. Written in first person, the cadence, vocabulary, structure, and mood immediately threw me back in time. I felt an immediate connection with Jolly, and the sense that I was immersed in another place and time.

It is possible that even the smallest events could have drastically thrown off the discovery of penicillin, so, why not? As a hero, I loved Jolly. I love football and am bloody hell on gears in the goalie box. Nevertheless, my cheeks are round and my jowls hang. Yocum, Automatic Woman Kindle Locations Curiosity Quills Press. He thinks well on his feet, and relies on observation and intuition.

And, I could certainly see the influence of Sherlock Holmes sprinkled throughout the book. Mar 27, Rosie Amber rated it really liked it. Automatic Women is a Steampunk novel set in London in Jacob Fellows is a thief catcher and works for The Bow Street Firm, which I believe is the author's take on the original Bow Street runners, the first professional policemen of London. Known as "Jolly" Fellows, he is called to a theft as a penny theatre by Dr Saxon. Saxon has a set of automated dancing dolls who perform to the music of Swan Lake, but his leading lady, The Swan Princess, has been stolen.

Jolly knows little about automated Automatic Women is a Steampunk novel set in London in Jolly knows little about automated figures and leans on his informers for a name where he can go to begin his enquiries. Jolly meets eccentric Frenchman Jacques Nouveau, who himself owns several life-like automatons. He knows of Saxon and admires the magical qualities of his figures, especially The Swan Princess.

Returning to Saxon's theatre, Jolly finds Saxon being crushed to death by the Swan Princess, a graveyard of other automated figures and then he is attacked and must fight to save his own life. He is now the number one suspect in a murder case, is forbidden to return to his workplace and has fourteen days to prove himself innocent. The one piece of evidence which might save him is locked in storage back at The Firm.

An intriguing plot follows as someone wants Jolly dead and he becomes a pawn in the long standing game between too theorist rivals of the time.

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There were some great characters; Conan Doyle, Darwin and Bramstoker mixed with historical components of the era. For me the ending left more questions than answers and the copy I read had a good dozen minor editing errors which just needed tweaking. Jan 29, Andrienne rated it really liked it. I really liked this book, but the review copy I got didn't indicate that there's a sequel so the end just hangs. The book felt steampunk and it was written really well--it really puts you in that mood. The main character is anything but dashing he's overweight with mutton chops , but somehow it works out.

I was very intrigued by the story--lots of biblical references--the storytelling reminds me of bedtime stories. The author can really write a good story. The title of a book refers to a myster I really liked this book, but the review copy I got didn't indicate that there's a sequel so the end just hangs.

The title of a book refers to a mysterious creation and when you throw in Charles Darwin into the fray, it can only get more interesting. I was expecting the story to go into Guy Ritchie territory with all the murder and stuf, but in the end, it was anyone's gues what this story was going to be. There's a lot of steamy sex scenes and it just comes out gritty and blah, which still works.

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I was really hoping this was a standalone so I can find out what the mystery is but you won't find out until who knows when? The review copy I got had a weird prologue about a totally different person and I just couldn't bother to find out if this was a series or if the review item I got was a bad copy.

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Still a good read, but be prepared for a cliffhanger. Jan 26, Linda Baker rated it really liked it Shelves: netgalley. I requested Automatic Woman from netgalley on a whim, as I do like steampunk as a rule. I certainly was not expecting to meet someone like Jacob "Jolly" Fellowes. By his own admission, Jolly is fat, ugly and violent. The violent part comes in handy as he acts as muscle for the Bow Street Firm, chief thief catchers in London.

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The fat and ugly part is handy as well- Jolly quite often can intimidate people with his looks alone. Jolly is called in to search for "the Swan", a remarkable automatic woma I requested Automatic Woman from netgalley on a whim, as I do like steampunk as a rule. Jolly is called in to search for "the Swan", a remarkable automatic woman in an equally remarkable dance troupe built by Dr. Saxon, mechanical genius.

Things very quickly go south and Jolly is accused of murder and on the run from both his employer, Lord Barnes, and the Metro Police. Charles Darwin, Bram Stoker and Dr. Conan Doyle romp through the pages of this shortish novel. Along with Jolly's love interest, a prostitute named Mary, Jolly must solve multiple mysteries and go up against some of the great minds of the age to avoid hanging. I began the novel thinking that Jolly was simply a thug- one that I could never root for. But Jolly is also good hearted, a smart investigator and surprisingly erudite under all that thuggish veneer.

Automatic Woman has some wonderful characters, chief among them Jolly himself. Nov 22, Rebecca rated it it was amazing Shelves: steampunk , thriller-crime-mystery. I received a copy of this book for free in exchange for my honest review and WOW. This read like a seedy, back alley mystery to me, full of Steampunk goodness!

The main man whose Point Of View we follow not only has an epic name but an epic voice. Jacob "Jolly" Fellows tells his tale to a recording device held by the metro police of London. He's under arrest and he's telling it like it is and exactly as it happened to him.

Which is? What happened to Jolly, our rotund steam engine of a man? He I received a copy of this book for free in exchange for my honest review and WOW. He's something of a detective, a thief-catcher, working for a Firm who hires him and his thugly ways to track down a That's right! He's seen her, the Swan Princess, and her fellow automaton dancers.

The private joy of their creator. And he's seen her do something horrible. Something like murder. Now Jolly has to find the rogue machine, clear his name, and stop getting hurt in the process! He has heads to bash, a prostitute to fall for, and a bunch of animal mask wearing murderers to reveal. May 01, Edwin Priest rated it did not like it. I keep telling myself to avoid the Amazon Kindle super discounted books, but somehow I keep ignoring my own advice. This book is a mess. It takes place in turn of the century London with a rather poorly executed steampunk thematic atmosphere.

View 2 comments. I was very impressed with this book from the first page. There is a richness in the story that I don't see often enough in books anymore. The characters were fully developed, the language was rich and the details were plentiful. I really appreciated the depth of the main character, Jolly. I could identify with him even though I've obviously never been a thief catcher.

The author pulled me in and kept me right there with Jolly throughout. I was rooting for him from the beginning. I enjoyed that t I was very impressed with this book from the first page. I enjoyed that the story contained a lot of detail and background, but it never felt forced or contrived. Everything fit together to make the story come alive. True talent there. There was something missing from the very end for me but I can't put my finger on it. I still loved the book and couldn't give it just 4 stars.

Writing this wonderful deserves 4. Dec 14, Lady rated it it was amazing. I have never read a book quite like this. There are twists and turns you can not possibly see coming. The ingenuity of this writer is to be applauded. Noir meets steampunk all wrapped in mystery and suspense Comedic pitfalls and impossible situations lend quite a bit of humor to the story : I really enjoyed this book and wish there were more! Unlikely alliances are the biggest plot device in this story. The hero isn't handsome or incredibly intelligent he's jus I have never read a book quite like this.

Girl killed by automatic gate with no 'anti-crush' mechanism, court hears

The hero isn't handsome or incredibly intelligent he's just an average bloke who has good investigative skills and a healthy self preservation instinct. Of course he has to keep his friends safe as well but that's just good form right? I would recommend this book to mystery lovers and steampunk fans. Noir lovers might enjoy it also even though the time period is off. Dec 15, Bree Ogden rated it really liked it. I love this book. It is very clear that this book was written by a screenwriter. It is very fast paced and the scenes are very intense. The first person point of view really sucked me in to the storyline.

Jolly is a perfect antihero, she has perfections and flaws and the surrounding cast of characters really help bring these to light. The amalgam of genres is quite perfect. Steampunk and noir work very well together in this novel. This high impact novel is beautifully written and fits together li I love this book. This high impact novel is beautifully written and fits together like a complicated puzzle. The characters are not perfect, they are not simple and they are not always genuine Jan 05, Dani Moore rated it it was amazing.

Jolly was suspended, drunk and accused of murder. No one would believe the mechanical, clockwork woman had killed the old man and not Jolly. The Swan Princess had done the deed, but how can you prove that? Can you? Before you, yourself are a victim. You will find this a dark and twisted mystery, with danger at every turn. You want to close your eyes, but can't resist looking. From a visit with Charles Darwin, who knew the old man before the automaton's creation, to Lord Barnes, known as the greates Jolly was suspended, drunk and accused of murder.

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